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Ryan & Sarah

Ryan & Sarah

Ryan: June 23rd

Sarah: February 13th

Anniversary: June 16th

Sarah and I have been involved in missions since we were young. We both grew up in churches that were very missions-minded and provided opportunities for us to work with missionaries on a one-on-one basis. Both of us participated in many missions trips when we were teenagers and we knew that we wanted our lives to make a difference…wherever God wanted us to be.

After we were married, we led two short-term missions trips to Peru and then to London, England. When we returned from our 2005 trip, we felt a burden for the people of London and felt God would have us work there. We later returned to London in 2008, and God confirmed this calling in our hearts and through the leadership of our sending church.

Sarah and I both have degrees in Education which allowed us to teach in the public schools in Miami for a combined 14 years. We worked with teenagers and their families for many years and saw God bless that. We were able to see many teenagers and their parents come to know Jesus as their Savior. Little did we know that God was using that experience to prepare us for ministry in London. God has used that time in our lives to help us as we reach out to the youth here in Southeast London, as well as to the families in and around our community.

As we work as part of a leadership team at Abbey Wood Community Church, God continues to use that teaching experience to help us as we do one-to-one discipleship, men’s and women’s small group studies, and as I (Ryan) preach in our Sunday services. It is amazing to look back and see how God has prepared us for every step of the way.

Nathan (Left) – December 10th

Owen (Middle) – August 24th

Rylan (Right) – November 20th