Salt & Light

The vision that God has given us for our ministry is to reach all those that God has brought to this truly international city. For this vision to take place we must be in a an area where all those people come together. There are certain parts of the city which have more diversity than others, it is those areas that we are focusing. In these areas our focus is simple, we are being salt and light as we are commanded to be in Matthew 5.

Team Driven


Partner with Tony & Erline Merritt

‣ Combine resources, abilities, talents, etc. to plant churches and reach people.

‣ You can learn more about Tony & Erline at

Touching Lives through a Variety of Venues

‣ Through Church planting

‣ Through High Street Outreach

‣ Through the Education System as volunteers.

‣ Begin a soccer ministry to reach youth and parents

‣ Through hosting missions teams who come to help in

our ministry as we share the gospel.