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Ryan and Sarah have been involved in missions since they were young. They both grew up in churches that were very missions-minded and provided opportunities to work with missionaries on a one-on-one basis. Both Ryan and Sarah participated in many missions trips when they were teenagers and each knew that they wanted their life to make a difference…wherever God wanted them to be.

After they were married, they led a short-term missions trip to Peru and then to London, England. When they returned from their 2005 trip, they felt a burden for the people of London and felt God would have them work there. They later returned to London in 2008 and God confirmed this calling in their hearts.

Ryan has a degree in High School Education and worked as a teacher and the head of discipline in a public school in Miami. During this time, God has used Ryan to reach many teenagers through his work that he would have never met otherwise. Some have been saved and many have made changes in their life for the better. Ryan and Sarah also worked with the youth at their church and were able to see many of their lives changed, as well as the lives of their parents.

Sarah has a degree in Elementary Education and enjoyed teaching middle school for 4 years before staying home with their children. She works with the children’s ministry at their church, creating lessons and teaching.

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